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Play is not a luxury. While food, water and shelter are essential, so is a childhood, complete with education and opportunities to actively engage with other children. There are areas of the world today where children are not able to experience the benefits of play–this is the problem that we must tackle.

We use the power of play to educate and empower children to be guardians of their own health and active participants in their communities. Our programs create positive experiences and teach important life skills that encourage behavior change. At the core of every activity is our Reflect-Connect-Apply approach, which encourages children to examine their experiences, relate those experiences to what they already know and apply that learning to their daily lives. This strategy helps children adopt and maintain lifelong healthy behaviours and attitudes.

Our goal is to create a healthy and safe world for children.


Central to our approach is the theory: children learn best when they are experiencing lessons through play. It’s why each of our games is specifically designed to provide kids with the knowledge and skills they need to overcome adversity and to tackle the challenges affecting their communities. We tailor our programs to each locale’s context and need, whether it’s health concerns, lack of education, a need for peace or all three.

Once established, our regularly-scheduled programs and repetitive activities provide the children with a proactive routine. This helps them build on newly learned skills and attitudes to positively influence lasting change. As their learning evolves, these children grow from being unaware of their role in society to becoming advocates of positive behaviour within their communities.

We believe a child’s behaviour is determined by their experiences and the influence of important people in their lives. It’s why the volunteer Coaches who run our weekly programs are the community’s teachers and local role models and become important players in each child’s life, cultivating: trust, self-worth and optimism.

How do our games turn into lessons?

What makes our games different is a process we call Reflect-Connect-Apply.

For play to be an effective teaching tool, children must understand the lesson being delivered and be able to relate it to their own life experiences. At the end of every game our Coaches – as trained and trusted role models – lead children through a three-step discussion:

1) Children reflect back on the experience of the game
2) Children compare and connect what they experienced during the game to a similar experience from their own lives
3) Children explore how they can apply what they’ve learned from the game to an area of their daily lives

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